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Mainframe (Advance Diploma)

This is designed for students who have an graduate, undergraduate IT degree or a non-IT degree. If you have a non-IT degree, however, you must have the necessary quantitative skills to complete the program.

You will be intensively accessing an actual mainframe environment. During that time you will get lot of industry standard, material to do prescribed exercises and to explore and extend your mainframe skills.

The knowledge you will gain through this stream will give you the skills needed to work in any IBM mainframe environment in the world, including the ability to start working in mainframe application development, mainframe system management and mainframe database administration.

Our lecturers typically each have more than 6 to 15 years experience working with IBM mainframes, each with a different specialization -- so they really know mainframes. They provide rigorous knowledge of the subjects taught but they also provide invaluable insight into what is done in practice when working on mainframe systems. They provide a thoroughly practical immersion in mainframe systems and in the corpora
















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Miracle Technologies
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